IIoT and IoT Gateway

Bufferstack.IO IIoT Gateway
Bufferstack.IO IIoT Gateway

Bufferstack. IO IIoT Gateway is based on LTS stable software base which allows user to develop, deploy and host IOT, IIoT based applications using NodeJS, Python, influxdb, mosquitto mqtt broker.

This is live+install CD, and for better experience in using it, please install it on your HDD/VM/Cloud.


  • Fully GPL based OSS
  • Comes with complete nodejs and node-red modules installed
  • INFLUXDB Tick stack is included as default
  • Industrial protocols supported – Modbus, OPCUA, KNX, AnyBus
  • Applications can be developed in both Python and NodeJS
  • Homeassistant preinstalled for Home Automation enthusiasts
  • Made in Pune by Bufferstack.IO
  • Comes with developmental release for Mitsubishi PLC communication module
  • New release has got support for Atlas Copco Open Protocol

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