Open Source Solutions for Industry

Here are few Open Source Solutions developed by Bufferstack.IO Analytics Technology LLP that are widely used in Software and Industrial Automation Sector


Calculate and log OEE data obtained from MQTT server to InfluxDB – This application is part of Bufferstack.IO Super Factory Suite


A Node-RED node to add all incoming numbers and display total as output.


A Node-RED module for generating random data using a hybrid approach.


A simple Node.js module that simulates a state machine, allowing you to define a sequence of states and state transitions with durations.


A latch switch node for Node-RED

InfluxDB MQTT Monitor

The InfluxDB MQTT Monitor is a Node.js application designed to monitor changes in an InfluxDB database and publish notifications over MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol. It provides real-time updates on data changes in the InfluxDB database and supports seamless integration with MQTT-enabled systems

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